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EduExchange Services for Institutions

  • The demand for quality service with shortening turnaround times and pressure to meet deadlines are a constant strain on resources of educational institutions. Competitive pressures to contain costs result in efficacy in employing manpower resources. However, the demand for services vary across the academic year, peaking during the examination period for faculty time and admissions periods for administrative time.

    EduExchange is there to assist you by complementing your resources whenever they are stretched. We provide planned support for predictable high demand situations, and also, emergencies caused by sudden non-availability of staff for a variety of reasons.

    Our qualified personnel are available to intuitions for a wide range of services, the frequently requested are listed below:

    • After-school tutoring services.
    • Support for students taking extra subjects outside school and college.
    • Preparation of new materials on the basis of feedback and the institution's own experience.
    • Ad-hoc teaching staff at short notice to bridge temporary non-availability, or extra sessions when required.
    • Formulating assignments and their evaluation.
    • Academic resources for handling applications.
    • Software services for handling the admissions process, including design and handling of workflows and communication with the applicants.
    • Various tasks related to tests and mock exams, including evaluation, compilation and communication of results and tasks related to graduation ceremonies.

    Please contact us at institutions@eduexchange.co.uk for further details.