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  • We conducted a satisfaction survey (May 2015) of our services. The high satisfaction levels of our customers are a source of great encouragement for us! You will be pleased to see the survey results, reported below:

    How would you Describe EduExchange Sevices ?
    Flexible Excellent Helpful Beneficial Amazing
    Time-Efficient Knowledgeable personalised Great Quality
    Put me at ease Worthy Stretching Friendly Supportive
    Superb Effective Enjoyable Skilled Insightful
    Encouraging Organised Reliable Understanding Professional
    Dedicated Satisfying Stretching Great Bespoke
      Efficient Amazing She listens  


    Thank you for providing such a friendly and supportive teacher, who always helps me to understand key areas and develop my skills. She helps me not only during the lessons but also at any time, if I have questions or if I'm worrying too much for an exam. I feel lucky to have such a teacher.

    Öykü, Accounting and Business student
    (College level)

    Devika was my tutor throughout my third year at University getting me ready for my final exams. I can only express complete gratitude and satisfaction from Devika's tutoring style. She was patient, positive and extremely encouraging on top of being knowledgeable in my chosen field (corporate law). I have worked with many tutors previously and find Devika very enjoyable to work with. I really appreciated her warm caring nature, which encouraged me to work hard. She was extremely flexible, we were able to work weekend, on skype and even via telephone and text. I thought this was very important. She would always do extensive preparation prior to our sessions, and I would highly recommend Devika and EduExchange.

    Priyanka Surani, Corporate Law student
    (University level)

    The tutoring that I have received has been such a great help. I found I was struggling with both Maths and Chemistry and my tutor has helped me so much in overcoming my difficulties with the subjects. With her patience and help, I feel a lot more confident already in these subjects.

    Mayadeep , Maths and Chemistry student
    (A level student)

    I rate my tutor as excellent as her approach of teaching made it very easy to understand the concept and methodology in regards to my assignments and exams. She is very patient and very nice. Devika can relate easily to her student and will not give up on you. She will guide and enriched you with her knowledge. After one lesson, you will just want to have another one. Simply because you feel that you are learning, but most of all you are reaching towards your maximum potential. My testimony is based on the very good results I had with her, both for my assignments and exams. I am proud to say that I am currently a 2:1 and now in my final and 3rd year of my BA in Accounting & Finance. I would like to stress that I am a mature student and a mum. Therefore, if Devika can achieve this with me, it goes without saying that if one puts the work and effort in then anyone can with the right help.

    Madeleine Bikai, Accounting and Finance student
    (University level)

    EduExchange provided me with a very approachable and attentive tutor, with a hands on approach to teaching. This helped raise my confidence in my subject area, and I would most definitely recommend their services.

    Chenai Jack, Business Studies student
    (GCSE level)

    The tutor from Gradventure has wide knowledge in many different areas (such as business, English, and cultural studies) and is highly qualified (has an LSE degree, which is clearly visible from her teaching). She is also really helpful, kind, dedicated, understanding, and always on time.

    Asil Mert, Business student

    A very good tutor. Always on time. Very understanding and makes goals that my wife wants to achieve. For example, wanting to become confident speaking English. English homework is on an increasing level which I am pleased with.

    M.A. Patel (on behalf of N. Patel)
    (Adult learner- English)

    I am learning English with EduExchange and I give my tutor five out of five stars!

    Vanesa Macia Domene
    (Adult learner- English)